About Us

We are a non-partisan collective of deeply engaged community leaders, in partnership with Newark Science and Sustainability Inc., and Whole Cities Foundation.

Fostering agricultural education and collaboration

Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. (Newark SAS) serves as Facilitator and Coordinator of the Newark Community Food System (NCFS), a new non-partisan collective of deeply engaged community leaders, in partnership with Whole Cities Foundation, a nonprofit established by Whole Foods Market. NCFS aims to support and develop sustainability efforts in urban agriculture, as well as wellness and nutrition programs. Improving the local food system will be accomplished by tackling social determinants of health and using community driven problem solving in a fiercely collaborative way.

Guiding Principles


To encourage collaboration and social entrepreneurship as a means to create tangible and sustainable solutions for environmental and social issues.


To always be concerned with the health and integrity of our families, communities, and environment.


To be respectful of all belief systems and promote cultural diversity.


To be nonpartisan—free from party affiliation or bias.

Beyond the food system, the group aims to influence renewable energy, the visual arts, ecological building, and health care throughout the Greater Newark community.

Signature Events

Throughout the year NCFS will conduct three signature events. One signature event will take place in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Two of the three signature events are recurring events organized by Newark SAS, which will significantly reduce the workload involved in supporting those events.

Each event will focus on sustainable living practices and the impact of urban agriculture. It is also intended to engage the community and address community needs as identified by the NCFS Community Needs Assessment. These events will highlight organizations throughout the local community as well as build the capacity of the neighborhoods throughout the city to promote local action and involvement.

The purpose of the conference is to inspire and empower attendees, so they become active participants toward the goal of building healthy, sustainable communities. The speakers will use their own experiences and values to convey how they have been driven by their passions to various achievements. From urban farming to health & wellness, the speakers will share information and experiences that assist with the creation of sustainable communities.


This week long, historical garden tour and present-day harvest will provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to become informed about the various agricultural spaces that exist. This event will serve as a means to encourage healthy eating, healthy living practices, and environmental education. Through a series of workshops and by reaping the benefits from the harvests of each of the participating spaces, residents will walk away with healthy, locally grown produce and a broader awareness of environmental stewardship.


The purpose of the Harvest Table is to bring about a true sense of community through the natural unifier of food. This event will allow residents to come together and partake of a community meal. This meal will be accompanied by sustainable living vendors, live music, and spoken word. This event will occur in a different neighborhood each year.